Saturday, May 7, 2011

PADUCAH ( title to be read outloud in the "Oprah Favorite things voice" PAHHHH DOOO CAHHHHH !!!

 Wow what a crazy whirlwind week I've had - It's hard to believe that last Sat. I was still in Paducah. This was NH when I left & since then I have seen every weather condition you can think of -

from the warmth of Atlanta - to the wild weather that is wreaking havoc across the south right now. While in Paducah KY, we had lots of rain & flooding, high winds, lightning, thunder and tornadoes raging all around us. And through it all the amazing people from AQS & the city of Paducah pulled off the most incredible quilt show I have ever experienced.

I stayed on a houseboat at The Kentucky Dam with my sister & a fun bunch of her quilting friends ( Hi Laurie, Jess, Jeanette, Karen, Lois & Ellen - who made us laugh til we cried - can't tell you THE story - we've been sworn to secrecy!)  

The Lap Of Luxury

Notice the dock on the day we arrived - now on the day we left  

Fishing on the playground- that's the swing set in the background

And on the tennis court.
to be continued....... the computer is moving incredibly slow & I have tons of stuff to do today.


  1. WOW. I'm hoping for some quilts in the next batch of photos. The houseboat looks incredible.

  2. Hi Dee -I saw notices everywhere at the show stating that you were not allowed to post pics on the internet without permission from the quilter & AQS - I will check my program again to make sure. -N