Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Drop what you are doing and read this incredible blog post by Austin Kleon.
This link was just sent to me by a friend and it is the most succinct, dead-on-target thing I've ever read about making art.  Go to http://uajourn.pbworks.com/f/How+To+Steal+Like+An+Artist+(And+9+Other+Things+Nobody+Told+Me)+-+Austin+Kleon.pdf
 Also see Austin at:
This article - blew me away - I've never read anything about art that captures the essence of creating like this one. It's The Artist's Way captured in one concise pearl.
. 'Nuf said - just read it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green Mountain Quilters Guild, VT - I'm Vending

WOOO HOOO - just found out I will be vending my hand dyed fabrics at the Green Mountain Quilters Guild meeting in Vermont this Saturday, May 14th. The meeting is held in Bethel VT at Whitcomb High School on Rte 12 (10 min from the Bethel exit off Rt. 89)  Doors open at 8:45.  
The program will be a presentation by Christine Fries-Ureel.  Don't miss this program - she is an amazing quilter.
Check out Christine here:

Chattahoochee Evening Stars Quilt Guild

After we came back from Paducah - I did a program at my sister's quilt guild in Atlanta. Jen Greer did a really nice post about my visit there. Check it out here:
Their guild is challenging themselves to "go green". This is right up my alley. I love to stamp & print using all kinds of recycled and repurposed objects. I have always been a picker, a junker and a dumpster diver - WAY before it became fashionable. I was shabby before it became "chic". My favorite places for art supplies are thrift shops, hardware stores and yard sales.
 I had a blast at the meeting - everyone was so enthusiastic & fun. Many members are already doing their own printing and stamping & some are new converts who want to try it out after seeing how simple it is to play, experiment and just have fun. The best part of meeting quilters is the great sharing of ideas & techniques - I always learn something new that I can't wait to try out.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Paducah - The Wall

 A huge wall runs along the river to keep the flood waters out of Paducah - when the waters begin to rise the metal flood gates are put into place. 

The problem here is that the Convention Center, where they hold the quilt show, is OUTSIDE OF THE WALL!!!!  So AQS had to scramble to change and move all the venues for the show. They were moved to a local church, a vacant Comp USA, a vacant Office Max building & the rest was in the Bubble, a huge white tentlike structure
 See what it looks like outside the wall now
My heart goes out to all the people who are affected in so many ways by the forces of mother nature.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

PADUCAH ( title to be read outloud in the "Oprah Favorite things voice" PAHHHH DOOO CAHHHHH !!!

 Wow what a crazy whirlwind week I've had - It's hard to believe that last Sat. I was still in Paducah. This was NH when I left & since then I have seen every weather condition you can think of -

from the warmth of Atlanta - to the wild weather that is wreaking havoc across the south right now. While in Paducah KY, we had lots of rain & flooding, high winds, lightning, thunder and tornadoes raging all around us. And through it all the amazing people from AQS & the city of Paducah pulled off the most incredible quilt show I have ever experienced.

I stayed on a houseboat at The Kentucky Dam with my sister & a fun bunch of her quilting friends ( Hi Laurie, Jess, Jeanette, Karen, Lois & Ellen - who made us laugh til we cried - can't tell you THE story - we've been sworn to secrecy!)  

The Lap Of Luxury

Notice the dock on the day we arrived - now on the day we left  

Fishing on the playground- that's the swing set in the background

And on the tennis court.
to be continued....... the computer is moving incredibly slow & I have tons of stuff to do today.