Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well we finally have some snow-just in time to usher in the first day of March.

A good time to hunker down and do some projects

I just mailed this out to my sister for her birthday
hope she doesn't see my post today.

I've been stamping up a storm

These are a few of my handmade stamps

Notice that I'm taking close up photos - I don't want you to see the total mess that I create when I'm working.
This is a more realistic view here. I haven't eaten a meal on a real table in years - Isn't that why they invented TV tray tables anyway?

I'm always in awe of those perfect studios in magazines. How does anyone get anything done in those studios ?  I mean REALLY!!!! The only place that I ever saw a studio that I could relate to was Robbi Joy Ecklow's in STUDIOS magazine (Spring 2010) in an article called "Disorganized Organization"

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