Wednesday, February 4, 2015


All this cold weather - perfect for hunkering down and 
making stuff. I have boxes & boxes of fabric that I have dyed, stamped, printed, painted, you name it, I have probably tried most surface design techniques. So now what ? I really need to make stuff. I will never use it all up because, of course, I keep making more fabric. 

Here is some painted canvas that I've had in my stash for years. I really need to get over the "not wanting to cut it up" stage. 

 I did manage to cut up a few pieces to make these little zippered pouches. 

 There are lots of tutorials everywhere. I wanted to do those little tabs on the ends of the zippers for a nice finished look.My first 2 tries did not come out well at all - puckery and messy. 

For the 3rd one I did not topstitch along the fabric next to the zipper and it came out nice and neat.


  TAH DAH !!

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