Thursday, January 7, 2010

AED – Day 3

I have spent so much time downloading Picasa & Windows Live Writer using dial-up service –(literally hours for downloads) – but now I hope they will help the
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      blogging go smoother.
And it seems to have helped quite a bit – learning something every day.
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These are a few fabric postcards (4x6) that have been lying around in various stages of completion. And now they are finished. I can actually send them to people now – how fun!                
I have dozens of these around. I am learning lots of lessons about my work style & issues even on these really small simple pieces. Such as – I really like making the parts – I like the dyeing & the painting, cutting out little parts – I have boxes & boxes of 

Copy of P1010006LikeThese

Copy of P1010007   And these           

…and many, many more. Then what happens  ? They are just waiting around for the right  project. Lesson learned– USE your stuff –don’t hang onto the special  hand dyed, hand batiked fabrics or those dreamy Hoffman batiks or all those other things that are waiting for the perfect project. Use it all up. There’s always plenty more.
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Here’s the back of the postcards I thread a small

ribbon through the back & capture it in between the stiffy stuff (I like the Peltex stuff with fusible on both sides)  and the backing piece. Then you can hang it with a small nail or thumbtack.


PS – See comment, from Corrine in Sat. Jan 2nd post, about the Humbug Bags – The pattern is  available. Unsolicited plug – I have made several in different sizes – they make great gifts & you can use all kinds of fabrics – very easy too.

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