Saturday, January 9, 2010


HELP - Can anyone tell me why my published entry doesn't look a thing like it does when I'm creating it ?????
I can't make the pictures stay where I put them - & what is that huge gap in yesterday's post all about - it's not there when I write it & then when it's posted it's there - I have tried to edit it in Blogger & Windows Live Writer to no avail.  Is Wordpress or Typepad more user friendly than Blogger -because I am spending waaaay to much time just trying to get a cohesive format. Thank you for any advice you can offer me. Is there a Blogger tutorial out there somewhere?


  1. My sister also has that trouble with blogspot. If I have too much white, I simply delete and it is gone. Afraid that doesn't help you any. Sorry.

  2. Hi Dee - When I am Drafting my post there is no white space - same thing when I try to edit - the post in edit mode is completely different than the actual post???????? Thanks for trying.-N

  3. I know how frustrating this is! The problem is with Blogger's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), the automatic code-writing system. When you post, there are two tabs top right. One says "compose" and the other says "HTML" (which is your post written in HTML code, the language of computers). To format your post, you have to learn to work a little with the HTML code.

    The big spaces on your post are because in the "compose" mode, the automatic code writer is inserting unwanted code. Go to the HTML tab and you'll see lots of code that looks like this
    < span >< /span>
    < div >< /div >
    Only there won't be spaces between the <> and the text. Highlight and delete these pairs to remove the spaces in your post.

    To place your pictures, you need to identify them in the HTML tab. The code for each picture begins with < a href... > and ends with < /a > (again without the spaces after and before the < and the >... I can't write actual code in this comment because it is always invisible). So you identify the beginning and end of the code for your picture. Highlight that code, cut it and then paste it where you want it within your text.

    This is a very basic "lesson" in how to format your post. I learned by reading tons of stuff in the Blogger's Help pages and by taking a introductory class in HTML.

    Hope it helps!

  4. Robin - HTML baffles me - but I will try this out next time I post. Thank for taking the time to help me out. Your beadwork is incredible.