Saturday, January 2, 2010


So how did it go? Well the project I initially was going to do turned out to be a bit more than a one day project - so at around 6:00 PM, in a panic ((Remember, NO STRESS ) - I quick made up a little Humbug Bag - after my big  announcement yesterday I couldn't very well wimp out & not have something to show.  I already had a piece of fabric that I dyed & stamped. I added batting & a backing ( the lining) and quilted it on my longarm machine. The Humbug  pattern is from  - copyright is from 2000 -so not sure if still available - I  got it somewhere(?) a while ago. 

         I  have one that I use as a camera bag - because I quilted it, it's nice & padded.                                                                        

Well so much for day one - please excuse the format of this post - for the life of me I cannot get the pictures & the text to go where I want them to -every time I try something it just does something erratic & just goes wherever - I'm using dial-up service right now & I'm tearing my hair out waiting for stuff - like uploading these few pics !!!  Better luck tomorrow .

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  1. The pattern for the Humbug Bag is indeed still available from! The direct link to the pattern is at I should know, I am the webmaster for This is indeed a great little pattern. I've made several of them myself. I love the way yours looks.