Friday, January 1, 2010


 New Year's Day -No resolutions -but full of ideas and inspirations. 

 Last month  I  happened upon this blog,  , which has 2 challenges which I will not try to explain -just go there & see for yourself.
 Every November she offers an Art Every Day challenge - which I discovered in Dec. - so I am going to do my own Art Every Day challenge in January - what better time than January -the holidays are over & Spring is still in the very distant future  -so it's good time to just hunker down & enjoy making Art.
 My only resolution last year was that I would NEVER do a challenge again !  You know - those challenges that tell you what fabric to use - or what theme - or size - yeah,yeah, yeah  I know they help you grow & stretch your imagination blah, blah, blah - Well what they did for me was waste my time on stuff I really didn't want to do & keep me from doing what I DID want to - they stressed me out and I now have a bunch of art quilts that I don't really like & don't know what to do with.
 So, why am I doing this ? Well I get to do what I want, MY rules - actually NO rules, well just one rule - DO the work - every day for a month. That's it - and NO pressure - I can go small & simple, or finish something that's been on the UFO list forever, any medium, any color. I can make an art quilt, a clay pin, a fabric postcard or a nice artful loaf of bread.
 I can still work on bigger WIP (work in progress) projects during the month & maybe even finish some them.  That is really my motivation for doing this - every day have something finished. I am a great starter - I LOVE a new project - I love going through all my books & Quilting Arts magazines - I love getting all my stuff out - my paints, dyes, stamps... I love fondling my fabrics -going through my big tubs of fabric & thinking of all the things I can make with them - then having clutter all around me until I put everything away again because I am overwhelmed. So Art Every Day will keep me motivated and blogging will keep me accountable. Let's see how that works !!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures posted on this blog of what you create.

    Happy New Year and may it be artful.